Please see the Department of Transport and Main Roads website for further detailed information on each modification code.

Additional questions on modification code specifics can be answered by Christian Arendt, please see the contact page.

The principle engineer, Christian Arendt, is accredited to approve all of the below vehicle modification codes.

Light Vehicle Codes

Section LA - Engine

LA1 Equivalent Engine substitution
LA2 Performance engine
LA3 Turbocharger and supercharger installation
LA4 Engine modification

Section LB - Transmissions

LB1 Transmission Substitution
LB2 Rear axle substitution installation

Section LC - Vehicle Controls

LC1 Dual control and disability control
LC2 Dual control and disability control modification
LC3 Vehicle controls for people with a disability / design
LC4 Vehicle controls for people with a disability / modification

Section LG - Brakes

LG1 Brake system conversion (design)
LG2 Brake system conversion

Section LH - Body and Chassis

LH1 Roof conversion (design)
LH2 Roof conversion (modification)
LH3 Wheelbase modification (design)
LH4 Wheelbase conversion (modification)
LH5 Vehicle construction (design)
LH6 Vehicle construction (modification) (Construction)
LH7 Body chassis variants conversion
LH11 Campervan and motorhome conversion

Section LK - Seating and Occupant Protection

LK1 Seat and belt installation/removal
LK2 Seat and anchorage certification
LK6 Child restraint installation
LK8 Roll bar Roll cage installation
LK9 Roll bar roll cage ROPS design
LK10 Installation of aftermarket roll bars roll cages + ROPS

Section LM - Fuel Systems

LM1 Fuel tank alteration

Section LO - Vehicle Standards Compliance

LO1 ADR compliance (Full test and inspection)
LO1-1 ADR compliance summary
LO1-2 ADR 2nd edition
LO1-3 ADR 3rd edition MA,MB & MC
LO1-4 ADR 3rd edition MD,ME,NA & NB
LO2 ICV Passanger cars and derivatives
LO3 Personally imported vehicle safety compliance
LO4 ICV Tricycle LEM1
LO5 ICV Tricycle LEP1
LO7 ICV Motorcycle

Section LS - Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering

LS1 LHD Vehicle steering conversion (design)
LS2 LHD Vehicle steering (modification)
LS3 Front suspension and steering modification (design)
LS4 Front suspension and steering (modification)
LS5 Rear suspension modification (design)
LS6 Rear suspension (modification)
LS9 HI lift 50 to 150 (design)
LS10 HI lift 50 to 150 (modification)
LS11 GVM Increase
LS12 Light Trailer Modifications
LS14 Light trailer re-rating of ATM/GTM to manufacturers specifications

Section LT - Test Procedures

LT1 Beaming and Torsional Testing
LT2 Lane change maneuver test
LT3 Emissions test
LT4 Noise test

Section LV - Alternative Power Units

LV1 Installation of electric drives in motor vehicles

Section LX - TMR Individual Approval

LX1 Modification with TMR Individual Approval

Heavy Vehicle Codes

Section A - Engine and Ancillaries

A1 Engine substitution
A2 Air cleaner substitution or additional fitting
A3 Turbocharger installation
A4 Exhaust system alteration
A5 Road Speed limiter installation

Section B - Transmission Modification

B1 Transmission substitution or additional fitting

Section C - Tail Shaft Modification

C1 Tail Shaft alterations

Section D - Rear Axle and/or Differential Modification

D1 Rear axle/s installation
D2 Differential substitution

Section E - Front Axle or Steering or Rim/Tyre Modifications

E1 Front axles installation
E2 Steering alteration
E3 Fitting of Non-standard Rim and Tyre components

Section F - Suspension Modifications

F1 Suspension substitution
F2 Trailer suspension modifications

Section G - Brake System Modifications

G1 Air brake system repositioning of controls valves pipework
G2 Fitting of trailer brake connections and controls on prime movers
G3 Trailer brake system upgrading
G4 Brake system certification
G5 Auxiliary brake installation
G6 Air operated accessories
G7 Brake system substitution
G8 Trailer brake system upgrading

Section H - Chassis Modification

H1 Wheelbase extension greater than first manufacturer's option
H2 Wheelbase Reduction less than first manufacturer's option
H3 Wheelbase extension or reduction within first manufacturer's option
H4 Chassis frame alteration, other than change in wheelbase
H5 Trailer chassis frame modification
H7 Design or manufacture of aftermarket from underrun protection

Section J - Body Mountings

J1 Mounting of body, vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne GVM
J2 Truck Bus body fitment
J3 Fitting of roll-over or falling object protection system

Section K - Cabin and Seat Modifications

K1 Seating capacity alteration and seat belt alteration
K2 Seat belt anchorage certification
K3 Cabin conversion
K5 Wheelchair restraint installation
K6 Child restraint installation

Section M - Fuel System Alterations

M1 Fuel tank repositioning or additional fitting

Section P - Tow Coupling Installation

P1 Tow coupling installation, vehicle over 4.5 Tonne GVM
P2 Fifth wheel and king pin installation

Section R - Goods Loading Device Installation Non Slewing (Including Wheel Chair Lifts)

R1 Goods loading device installation
R2 Wheelchair loader installation

Section S - GVM/GCM Vehicle Rating

S1 Gross vehicle mass rating within the manufacturer's specifications
S2 Gross vehicle mass rating for non-standard vehicles
S3 Gross combination mass rating
S4 Rigid omnibus mass rating
S5 Gross vehicle mass rating Articulated omnibus
S6 Omnibus licensing evaluation
S7 Trailer ATM rating 4500kg to 12000kg
S7 Rating to S12 or manufacturer's specifications 12001kg above
S8 Road train prime mover rating
S9 B-double rating prime mover/ trailer
S10 Concessional livestock loading vehicle rating Trailer
S10(a) Concessional livestock loading vehicle prime mover
S10(b) Rigid truck concessional livestock loading vehicle rating
S10(c) B-double or semi-trailer concessional livestock
S10(d) Dog trailer concessional livestock loading vehicle rating
S10(e) Dolly trailer concessional livestock loading vehicle rating
S11 Road train trailer rating
S12 Trailer ATM approved design certification or Non-standard
S13 Bus Life extension

Section T - Tow Truck Modification

T1 Construction of tow trucks
T2 Design of tow trucks